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I’m writing this on a Monday, at 5am. Not where I’d typically like finding myself on any day of the week; however, I recently invested in some new threads for our bed and wow, I forgot how much I can tackle after a good night’s rest.

I used to be a total hoarder when it came to bedding. If you visited me at The NAT’s Lot Sale recently, you probably noticed. I sold off almost a closet full of beautiful linens, duvets, & shams that I no longer need because there isn’t a queen size bed in our house any longer. As I unpacked the boxes for the sale, I started to wonder why I haven’t scoured the web and searched in every store for quality bedding that fits our upgraded/upsized version. The conclusion, kids (and perhaps a puppy). I haven’t been able to justify the expense. But, like all things, that stage of our life has passed. I’m no longer toting a grumpy toddler with a sippy cup to our room and our puppy is well, no longer a puppy. She’s officially learned that the really adorable dog bed we purchased for her is where she sleeps- NOT on our bed.

So, I started looking, and I’m here to share with you the best I could find. It’s a bit more difficult these days since my husband prefers the hardest mattress with the roughest linens. He wears oil cloth pants for crying out loud! I, on the other hand, would like to feel as if I’m sleeping in a cloud and of course I’m thinking about the appearance as well. We finally landed on an embroidered linen blend duvet with 100% cotton percale sheets. I’m prone to migraines so the pillow cases are a completely different story. Once I find those, I’ll be sure to report back. In the meantime, here’s a wrap up of all the samples I ordered that I found to be the best in quality and looks.

Parachute Home
Serena & Lily
California Cotton
Aerin for Williams Sonoma Home
Rebecca Atwood
Amber Interiors


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