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Are you a bubble water connoisseur, a fan of tinctures, or interested in trying out CBD? Well, you’re in luck because we’re shining some light on an incredible company that specializes in all of those goods!

I first heard about DRAM a couple years back when our wedding photographer turned friend, Kara Mercer, told me she was headed to shoot a spread about a small maker located in Salida, Colorado. The first product I ever purchased was a bottle of lavender bitters from the Los Poblanos lavender farm in Albuquerque. At first glance, I assumed the bitters were created by the farm themselves. That was before I started reading the labels (that’s a top priority these days).

I’ve kept my eye on DRAM and tried to purchase their products every time I see them stocked on the shelves of my favorite stores. Recently however, I started buying directly from their website. Not for any reason other than how difficult it is to find a store that can keep the products in stock. DRAM‘s latest expansion into CBD infused products seems to have skyrocketed their line into the forefront, and while I’m really enjoying those too, make sure to try out the entire line. My current favorite? The cardamom and black tea sparking water.

If you’ve been looking for a true natural alternative to your everyday drink lineup, this is the brand for you! Make sure you follow them on Instagram as well. The knowledge they share about everything from gardening to insights regarding the food & beverage industry are insanely helpful.

I love adding the lavender bitters to a cup of tea mid-afternoon as a little pick me up.

I’m not a daily CBD user, but I recently started using their Big Mood drops to help me sleep after a stressful day. 7-8 drops is what seems to work best for what I’m trying to achieve.

I’ve tried both of the beverages above and am a huge fan! I find the flavors much more delicious than all other major brands out there. If you’re looking to try them out, hurry because they’re both in stock!


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