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The days of drab commercial design are officially over, and I’m so thankful for that!

When I moved back to Amarillo 10 years ago, I was hoping to continue my career in commercial design. I interned at a commercial/hospitality firm in Dallas and while they offered me a job, the market was spiraling downwards and the panic I could see on my employer’s face freaked me out a bit. My dad has been a commercial builder in Amarillo almost all of my life, so even if I couldn’t land a job right away, I could always assist him in the meantime.

Upon my return, I quickly realized that Amarillo was behind the times. There weren’t a lot of public or office spaces that were incorporating interesting and innovative interiors. On top of that, most businesses were going at the design alone or allowing the architect to select layouts, fixtures, & finishes. That’s actually what led me down the path to retail ownership. But, that conversation is for another day.

After years of running the stores, I decided it was time I went back to my first passion. Luckily, Amarillo had changed a lot over time and we are seeing an influx of creative design within commercial spaces as of late. So, when ALVC approached us about remodeling their exterior to match the updates they had made to their brand, we jumped on it. Several months later, here we are with the final result! Welcome to 2019 guys!

Does anyone remember to take good before photos? I wish we did because the difference is always incredible!

Construction : Nest Interiors & Construction, Interior Design : From 6th Collective, Landscaping : Custom Gardens, Interior Doors : Jenkins Doors & Windows, Tile : Barbie Kennedy for Renaissance Tile, Veneer Work : Tim Hagen Woodworks, Photography : Joanna Robertson

  1. susan lemon says:

    absolutely stunning!!!


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