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If you’ve seen our billboards or follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen our tag line, “A cultural and design hub in the Texas Panhandle”. I’ve had a few people ask what a design hub exactly, so I thought I’d expand on it here since we’ll be highlighting more of that aspect within From 6th Collective again soon.

We label ourselves a design hub because we’re one of the only places in the Texas Panhandle that offers experienced based shopping through creative shop displays and events. We’re also the only shop where you can browse unique products from 50 independent shop owners meaning that a lot of what you find within the walls of From 6th Collective can’t be found anywhere else.

We’re not stopping there! The plan has always been for me to finally merge my Interior Design career with my Brick + Mortar shops. When I was on Sixth Street, my office was located only 1 block away, but I still felt like I was always missing out when I was at one or the other. I wasn’t able to interact with the customers while at the office, and I had no where to set up shop when I was in the store. My husband Josh and I planned the layout of the Collective to be fluid from the very beginning. That’s why we opted for a wooden pole barn instead of a steel frame building. He knew that I’d want to move walls and change the retailer layouts as the company evolved. In the past, I’ve only ever needed a small space to work on my Interior Design projects; however, I’ve been accepting a lot more projects than ever before meaning it’s time to expand and nurture what I’m truly best at in the year ahead.

In the coming month, we will be building out a full in house design studio within the shop. My hope is that this will provide a space for me to not only interact with my clients, but allow us to expand our custom offerings for anyone! Partnering with fellow Interior Designers and showrooms is also currently in the works so that we can expand the level of finishes, furniture, and decor available at From 6th Collective as a whole. Who might those partners be? You’ll have to wait and see, but I promise you’re going to love them!

Learn more about the types of projects our Design Team works on here, ASID and if you’re interested in hiring the From 6th Collective for your new build or renovation, head on over to our submissions page for a contact form.


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