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We’ve partnered with the fine folks of Dove Creek Equine Rescue a lot over the years and are excited to share that their largest event is just around the corner. Save the Date for Meet a Horse Day, May 6th! Now, if you’re new around here and wondering what this whole Equine Rescue is all about, allow us give you an introduction.

Dove Creek Equine Rescue is a valued community retailer at From 6th Collective. While the means to our mission may differ quite a bit, we’re like-minded when it comes to making a difference in the world. Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with the DCER founder, Laurie Higgins-Kerley to learn more about the important work they do. She shared with us her passion for horses and her individual experience in various healing modalities that can help others break through debilitating patterns and offers a unique journey to find balance and harmony within oneself.

laurie higgins-kerley founder dove creek ranch meet a horse day

Laurie Higgins-Kerley started Dove Creek Equine Rescue in 2012 after her husband passed away from cancer. She found solace in the horses on their ranch and wanted to help other unwanted horses in need. “Our mission was to help horses that were neglected, or horses that people didn’t want anymore, or didn’t need anymore.” The rescue has become a place where horses are rescued, rehabilitated, retrained, and re-homed. Laurie also launched Led by Horses, a program that offers equine-assisted coaching to help others dealing with their own challenges. “In 2016, I saw how much people talked about how horses help people heal. I knew that from my experience. I went and got my certification and training, and in 2017 we started Led by Horses.” Today, over 75% of the horses received by the rescue have been placed in loving, permanent homes. “It’s incredibly important to us to have both scenarios: humans helping horses and horses helping humans.”

The Led by Horses initiative includes workshops and events for people to connect with horses and access their true nature in a safe setting. Laurie and her team of Equine Facilitators use their passion for horses and experience in healing modalities to offer individual coaching sessions, custom-designed workshops for staff and executives, and wellness workshops. The retreats include equine-facilitated coaching sessions, yoga classes, nature-based ceremonies, group discussions, art, and healthy meals. The program combines the canyons, horses, and people to create an all-inclusive high sensory memorable experience. The circular concept of healing and learning explores and integrates the mind, body, spirit, and emotions with the horse as the partner and guide. “We have a dual mission now. We assist horses – we always will. But now we also are assisting humans in need of direction or healing.”

horses at dove creek equine horse rescue meet a horse day canyon texas events near me

We hope that you’ll join us in supporting this remarkable organization by attending and participating in their upcoming Meet a Horse Day fundraiser on May 6th from 11am to 2pm. For $10, attendees can meet the horses of DCER and enjoy fun activities, good food, and live music. There will be a variety of food vendors including Kona Ice, Canyon Popcorn Co., Tanya’s Burgers, Taqueria MTZ, and Holey Smokes BBQ, as well as face painting, bouncy houses, and raffle prizes from local vendors. Attendees can also take photos with a horse, participate in crafts and games, and purchase baked goods. Please note that all attendees must sign a liability waiver, which can be printed from their website here: DCER Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door.

dove creek horse rescue merch for sale at from 6th collective in amarillo texas salsa t-shirt

We can’t sign off without reminding you that every purchase of DCER apparel and pantry products at From 6th Collective goes back to their organization. Stay tuned for our next recipe because it’s a good one! (PS – remember our iconic styled shoot at Dove Creek? You can check out the magic here.)


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