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exterior view of storefront in woflin village amarillo, reserve interior design
storefront windows at reeserve amarillo interior design studio in wolfin village shopping center
front door entry way at reserve amarillo interior design studio in wolflin village in amarillo texas

Upon entering almost any home or office in Amarillo, you’ll be greeted by the incredible works of Anne Beddingfield. We recently stepped inside the workspace and showroom for her exotic faux floral arrangements. These aren’t your typical arrangements by any means. Every one is carefully crafted by Anne herself using high quality silk flowers, succulents, geodes, and sometimes the occasional taxidermized friend.

gray velvet sofa and bright patterned pillows staged living room inspiration in reserve amarillo. interior design, home decor and furniture store in wolflin village in amarillo from 6th collective
anne beddingfield orchid, succulent, and geode arrangements floral design in wolflin village in amarillo texas
anne beddingfield floral design and arragemenets in reserve amarillo

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Anne Beddingfield. My son, Reese, is an interior designer and the owner of Reserve Amarillo. It’s because of Reese that I do what I do! I’ve done his crafts FOREVER. When he decided to open Reserve, he asked me if I would make floral arrangements for the store. I, of course, said yes because I’ve always loved creating things. Especially with the floral, sometimes I use real plants and other times I use silks, and Reese provides me with wonderful found objects to incorporate into these arrangements. It’s just a delight! I have my own shop in Panhandle, and I try to bring in new arrangements to Amarillo every week.
supreme models, jay jeffers be bold, w stories coffee table books on a shelf with a decorative box with quartz crystals. green patterned pillows, furniture and sofa home decor store in amarillo texas
coffee table books and more from reserve amarillo in woflin village interior design furniture store and home decor gift shop
books and coffee table books, art books for sale in home decor store reserve amarillo

Your floral designs are so beautiful. In fact, one of the first ones I ever saw that really caught my eye was at one of Reese’s client’s homes, and it had a fox in it! These arrangements can be as far out as you want them to be, or maybe more tailored for one style. Can you tell us more about the different objects you use to create these beautiful designs?

Every arrangement is going to have geodes, succulents, and some faux floral. I typically work with any combination of those items. I also use acrylic rods or kiwi vine in most of my designs as well. Reese curates all these different items to play with, and I get to put them together in a fresh and fun way. He really leaves it up to my discretion on how I put them together, which is fun because I really get to push my creativity!
I’ve been able to work with a lot of taxidermy, like the fox, and even an exotic pheasant! He even had one client who wanted their own items mixed into an arrangement, and I ended up working with a taxidermy bobcat. Her husband even had a bear that I was able to add my silks and succulents into the bottom of this large taxidermy piece, which was really fun. Being able to come up with something that makes the arrangement personal for these clients is always enjoyable, which is why my favorite pieces to work on are the custom pieces. I sometimes will get a container that someone is in love with, or maybe it was their grandmothers. And instead of it sitting in a closet, I get to bring it out into their home and make something even more special.
anne beddingfield arranging and making orchid and succulent floral design at reserve amarillo
anne beddingfield floral designer from panhandle texas at reserve amarillo in wolflin village
spring floral arrangements by anne beddingfield at reserve amarillo in wolflin village

For people that have been gifted these, or those who may be interested in purchasing their own, how would someone go about caring for one of these items?

The silks that I use are very realistic and high-quality, so care is important. If you’re seeing some dust, and don’t want to damage anything, the best way to dust is with a hair dryer. You know, us in the Texas Panhandle, we’re no stranger to dirt blowing in the air, so the hair dryer really comes in handy to gently blow that debris off. You can also grab a small paint brush and lightly dust off the petals and leaves to remove dirt as well.

Another issue that some people have is fly specks, where bugs land on the silks and leave little stains behind. This is another simple fix if you have a rag and a bit of rubbing alcohol handy. You can gently rub the cloth over the stained area, and it will come right off! This also will give a bit of a refresh to the arrangement as well. Especially with the white orchids, a little rubbing alcohol will keep them looking clean and fresh year-round. And if the arrangements gets knocked over, or anything like that, we can rebuild them! We’ve had accidents happen in clients’ homes, and I am more than happy to rebuild an arrangement if something has gone wrong.

anne beddingfield spring floral flower designer in amarillo texas handmade here wolflin village from 6th collective
home decor and furniture from reserve amarillo in wolflin village
home decor and furniture with spring florals from anne beddingfield in reserve amarillo at wolflin village from 6th collective

If you’d like to view Anne’s work in person or would like to meet with her regarding a custom arrangement, you can find her tucked inside of Reserve located in Wolflin Village. Reserve is her son, H. Reese Beddingfield’s home furnishing and decor store. We stock a variety of his art book and custom pillow collection’s here at From 6th Collective as well!


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