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That’s right, we’re finally talking about the phenomenon that is millennial pink. A toned down version of Barbie Pink that first popped up on our radar back in 2012, but rather than becoming a passing trend, the color has only gained momentum. From hq’s to cafes to pilates studios, everything seems to be going pink. We’ve noticed that when we use the color in our advertising, we get a stronger response from our customers. Bizzare right?

Well, maybe not. Turns out there are a lot of groups out there who have been following the trend and have come to some pretty accurate conclusions about why this androgynous shade of pink continues to invade our consciousness at every turn. I found this excerpt from Bustle especially interesting: As for the enduring popularity of millennial pink, it’s also worth remembering that, for the millennial generation, little is positive at the moment. American politics is a mess, millennial debt is climbing, the newspapers are filled with stories of sexual harassment, and a woman came closer than anybody else to the White House before being beaten by someone with no experience. It’s not surprising that a color associated with innocence and uncomplicated childhood has held a strong position in the public consciousness for so long. A report in 2015 found that there’s a direct tie between millennial fondness for the markers of childhood nostalgia (unicorns, milkshakes, cartoons), and their restricted access to the markers of “adulthood” (a lifelong job, owning property, pensions and life insurance). Millennials are increasingly redefining what it means to be a grown-up in a seriously troubled world. Sometimes, we all want to be soothed — and what better way to do that than looking at Instagrams of a mid-century modern pink velvet settee.

All in all, it doesn’t look like the color will be going away anytime soon. I have to admit, I’m not mad about it.

bando hq // lemon laine // 140 perth // the wing // holy matcha


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