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From 6th Field Trip: Dumas, Texas

A lot of our customers commute into town for shopping and entertainment. Why don’t they just move into the city you ask? As a vibrant farming and ranching part of Texas, people in the Panhandle are deeply tied to their land. They can’t just pick up and move as easily as some may think. But, the beautiful result of people staying in their small town is that they pack a lot of character into the small businesses there. Dumas is no different. We recently made the quick half hour trip north to visit our friends up that way and to see all of the unique businesses popping up there.

There are a few ways to get to Dumas depending on what direction you’re coming from, but my favorite is straight up the Dumas Highway, formally known as I-87. I love this route! Immediately upon leaving Amarillo, the landscape transforms into vast rolling hills. My favorite time of year to make the quick commute is in the summer when the roadside is bursting with cholla blooms!

Upon entering town, you may start to think, why did I come here? Haha! Just stay on route and you’ll eventually end up at a two block stretch of the cutest businesses.

Storefront sign or retail signage for Toppled Turtle Brewing Company and Herencia Coffe located just off main street in dumas texas.

The first place you’ll come up on is Herencia Coffee. This isn’t your average coffee shop. It’s larger than it appears and is part brewery, part coffee house. After visiting with the owner, we learned that he gave Amarillo a go several years back, but after a few bad experiences, decided to return to his hometown to launch his own business. We follow a few of our loyal customers on Instagram and they’re always recommending The Monica, a caramel latte topped with vanilla sweet cream and ground cinnamon. Y’all, it did not disappoint!

order and menu sign for herencia coffee on main street. letterboard says vanilla cardamom matcha fizz drink, dragonfruit pomegranate fizz, and lavender earl gray latte. pictured right is coffee grinder and espresso cups and coffee mugs.

As you can see here, they have a pretty large drink menu. It’s a great place to stop and get a little energy boost before moving on down to the other shops around the corner.

front counter at herencia coffee. breakfast bagels, chocolate chunk cookies, frosted snickerdoodle cookies, other baked goods, coffee, and non coffee items in dumas texas.

Just a short walk around the corner is where you’ll find The Collective of Dumas. You probably know them better as The Designer’s Garage if you’ve found yourself drooling over their incredibly cute baby items at From 6th Collective. Here at their home base however, they have SO MUCH more than just baby items. You can find toys, books, and more for kiddos ages 0-12yr in the front portion of the store. Keep on going because you’ll eventually end up in the back half of the shop featuring stylish women’s clothing along with tons of home decor and furnishings.

Glass storefront retail doors of The Collective of Dumas, a children's store, kid's clothing, home decor, furniture store in Texas.
Trendy children's clothing near me, howdy boy's trucker hat, kids graphic tees, at kid's toy and kid's clothing store in dumas texas.
Kid's clothing by Rylee and Cru in children's store in dumas texas. Maileg mice, playtime toys, dollhouse accessories and stuffed animals in children's toy store. The Collective of Dumas.
Children's books at kids clothing and kids toy store in dumas texas. Maileg mice and camping patio dollhouse set at The Collective of Dumas.
Blue, White, and Red trucker hat with eagle and "freebird" in text with native eagle pattern on a white graphic tee. Kids clothing and children's toy store in dumas texas
Children's and kids, boys and girls, swimwear and swimsuits, boys trunks, summer clothing, dresses, hats, toys, shopping on main street dumas texas.
LEather Sofa filled with cute textured pillows, home decor and furniture store the collective of dumas.
End table or night stand filled with home decor. Heart tray, gold metal dish, white branded candle, how to be a cowboy book, planter and stag fern on black metal end table.
VIP customer luncheon hosted by The Collective of Dumas. Lemon pound bundt cake with vase holding tulips in the center displayed on a glass cake stand. Hot honey feta, croustini and bread, salad, bone marrow butter, herb butter and more food displayed on tables with miscellaneous dining 

Pamela, the owner, is a real mover + shaker making her an asset to the Dumas community. She brings lines that you typically see in big cities like Dallas to her customers here at home. She not only runs one of the coolest shops in town, but also runs an interior design and construction company with her husband. While we were visiting for the day, she was hosting a luncheon for her top customers too! Her family treated us to the most delicious homemade meal (the bone marrow butter was to die for) and we got to meet several of her lovely customers. And that’s not all! She’s also the owner of the business next door, Just Dig Play Zone.

Just Dig It kids play and sand pit, sandbox, rainy day activities on main street in dumas texas

This place was the coolest! Just Dig is an indoor sand park and with the unpredictable Panhandle weather, I’m sure all of the moms in Dumas are thankful for this place. The space is cute, quirky, and clean! The toys are provided and there’s even little construction outfits the kids can done while they play. I’ll definitely have my kids in tow next time I venture up this way.

Just Dig It sign made out of unpainted chip board, next to a picture of tonka trucks, cranes, and tractors in a large sand pit or sandbox. Just Dig It kid's children's play room
Yellow tonka truck, bulldozer in sand box or sand pit at Just Dig It, a children's indoor play room.

Like I said before, this small town has packed a lot of personality into a small strip so to get to our next destination all you have to do is cross the side street and you’ll be at Flowers Etc. We were really excited about this stop because we got to catch up with one of our original Nat vendors, Lee Hall, who is the owner. While they’re a flower shop at their core, they have a wide variety of new home decor and gifts as well as a full blown antique shop in the back! With my never ending love for all things vintage I can happily say I walked away with the prettiest chinoiserie pie server and two brass bow wall hooks.

Metal lanterns in three sizes with blue and gold aged patina. Pressed flower frames hanging on wooden slat wall. With home deecor vases, pitchers, and decorative balls displayed over burlap.
vintage and antique plates, china, floral plates and dishware from Flowers Etc on main street in dumas texas. antique store, vintage, seecondhand store, furniture store, gift shop, flower shop.

We shopped our little hearts out, but before we called it a day we stopped back inside Herencia Coffee to try one of the locally brewed beers from their sister shop, The Toppled Turtle Brewery. Because it was the middle of the day and we had another drive ahead of us, we all opted for beers on the lighter side. I stuck to a standard kolsch, which was delicious, while the other ladies gave the yellow rose a try (basically a mimosa mixed with beer instead of champagne).

Behind the bar at Toppled Turtle brewing company. locally made beer on tap or draft
Manmosa, beer and orange juice, with locally made toppled turtle brewing company beer.
metal vats, beer tanks, locally made beer from toppled turtle brewing company in dumas texas.

We departed Amarillo around 10 and were back in time for school pick up. So next time you’re looking for something fun & different to do, look no further than what’s right here around you!


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