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We’re back with another behind the brand feature with everyone’s favorite children’s retailer here at From 6th Collective, The Designer’s Garage.

While you know them for their adorable clothing and those crazy cute mice from the Maileg line, they’ve started stocking so much more with an expanded space over the past few months. You can now find everything from luxury bedding, boho chic decor, and women’s clothing that coordinates just right with their tiny apparel. Read more about how Pamela got started and where she hopes to see her company in the future.

What year did you start The Designer’s Garage? Opening my store front in 2013 in a small garage bay I was using for a warehouse space. I had been staging and decorating homes since 2004. After years of shopping and supporting other small businesses I decided to join in the fun. Starting out as a home decor boutique with a small gift section, I have since expanded to include women and childrens clothing. I guess I found a missing piece along the way. I never intended on opening a children’s boutique, it just took off on its own.

Why did you start your company? One on one customer service and personal touch is not only what drives me but what makes me proud to be in small business. My need to tackle every challenge and live up to my customer’s needs has expanded our services. Someone stop me, lol. 

What keeps you inspired? Inspiration has changed so many times over the years. Whether I am inspired by my customer’s style or show homes, I can’t seem to get enough of the design industry but I would have to say the place where I find the most inspiration is in other small business owners and designers.  Some of the women I come across are amazing. Supporting each other and striving to be like my peers pushes me to keep going and stay current. 

What do you wish all customers knew about The Designer’s Garage? Many customers that meet me in the boutique may not realize that we started and still offer design and remodeling services. It was the foundation we started on and is still our bread and butter.  The boutique is our bonus. 

Where do you hope to see your company in the future? Down the road I know I won’t be able to keep up the pace of what I am doing now but I can’t imagine that day yet. We have built a crazy world of chaos around my passions and it can’t get much better.  I can’t promise I won’t take on another project or add another side business (shhhhh, don’t tell my husband I said that). 


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