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We’re kicking off this new series by featuring everyone’s favorite, and Amarillo’s first, welded bracelet slinger, Kaytie of Hollow Dot Designs. Kaytie was one of the original retailers to join our permanent roster. We built out her small community space to house a dainty selection of gold earrings + necklaces that she’d been making and selling as a side hustle since 2016. That all changed when she asked if she could set up a small table offering “forever jewelry” during our holiday event in December of 2020.

Since that cold December day, Kaytie has taken the town, or better yet, the state by storm! Hollow Dot travels all over offering her welded jewelry. A few of these pop ups include Magnolia’s Silobration & Mosaic Makers Co. in Dallas as well as her local favs, From 6th Collective & Pete’s Greenhouse Maker’s Market.

We recently caught up with the busy entrepreneur to find out what inspires her, what she wishes everyone knew about Hollow Dot, as well as where she plans to take the company in the years to come.

Why did you start making jewelry? “I started making my own earrings for fun in early 2016. Eventually I was selling my jewelry off my own body so I decided to turn it into an official business.”

What inspires you? “I’m inspired by everything around me. Definitely architecture and travel, but also the incredible people in my life.”

What do you wish your customers knew more about Hollow Dot? “Just how thankful I am to have them as customers!”

Where do you see Hollow Dot in the future? “I’m hoping to expand my company to other cities on a more full time basis”

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Kaytie, head on over to the Hollow Dot website and book yourself an appointment today! If you’re interested in shopping her entire collection of dainty jewels, swing on out to From 6th Collective anytime and let us show you around. We’re so grateful that we get a front row seat to the growth of Amarillo’s movers + shakers. Thank you all for being on this journey with us!


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