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Hey y’all! It’s Kasey. I’m taking things back over here on the ol’ blog. While I’m so grateful to have had such talented help during our first year, I’ve finally been able to manage my schedule so I can get back to sharing about all the things that inspire my approach to life & work. That inspiration gets reflected within From 6th Collective on all levels. From visual displays & brand partners to how our team operates day in and day out. I’m excited to be getting back into the scene with such a beautiful series we’re relaunching – our Female Empowerment series. So let’s get right to it!

We Dream in Colour

Today I’m turning the spotlight on one of our top selling jewelry artists, Jade Gedeon. Many of you have purchased her creations at From 6th Collective already. Does We Dream in Colour ring a bell? This incredible and unique line of jewelry features organic shapes and playful motifs inspired by myriad art and design movements.

We Dream in Colour is a black-owned, self-funded, and independent line designed and handmade with a focus on sustainability.  Over the last decade, We Dream in Colour has championed the integrity of the product and process. Their combined goal: to craft brilliant pieces that will be well-loved for years to come, and prioritise the quality of life for their entire team over chasing aggressive growth.

Jade Gedeon’s influences range from around the world. Owing much to her family’s nomadic lifestyle, Jade enjoyed extensive exposure to a multitude of nations and cultures growing up. Born in the United States and raised in multicultural Trinidad and Tobago, she has made her home in the UK, Denmark, and Australia before settling on Boston’s North Shore in Essex, MA.

We Dream in Colour

We Dream in Colour’s line can be found in many big brand stores such as Anthropologie and seen on a multitude of celebrities. Check it all out by giving the We Dream in Colour account on Instagram a follow. The combination of pretty product shoots to the real life moments Jade shares with her family are so good. I love when a company who has experienced so much rapid growth continues to keep things personal. It helps encourage others to support the brand because they have direct insight into who exactly they are supporting.

We Dream in Colour

From 6th Collective has several pieces in stock now. Go on and make a trip out west to check out and try them all on! Also available for purchase on our shop site here : shopfrom6thcollective.com

We Dream in Colour
We Dream in Colour
We Dream in Colour
We Dream in Colour

details provided by We Dream in Colour


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