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If you’ve emailed us through this whole quarantine and have yet to get a response, please be patient with us. As most of you know, we also own and operate a 20,000 sqft Antique shop. After our shelter in place was lifted, our first priority was to keep the existing shop afloat. Yesterday we finally got to reopen our doors! That also means that we’re preparing to finalize the interior out at The Collective.

Now, that’s all good news but you’re probably still asking yourself “so when will From 6th Collective actually open?”. Well, we aren’t sure. We haven’t had time to call everyone on our submissions list or sit down and create a survey to find out if Small Businesses can even afford a second location at the moment. The new facility is B I G! That means we need at least 30 Small Businesses to fill the space. For the time being, we’re just taking things one day at a time. We aren’t trying to rush this process so we don’t make critical adjustments that may or may not work in the future.

We want to also say Thank You to everyone that placed an order for our personal merchandise throughout this pause. It’s been more helpful & encouraging than you know.


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