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Jewelry isn’t just an accessory; it’s a statement of your personality! Our retailers offer a vast selection that showcases a range of Panhandle styles. From turquoise and silver to the Panhandler’s original welded jewelry line, there is something for everyone at the Collective!

From 6th Collective has a large selection of jewelry retailers, offering an array of stunning pieces. Whether you’re seeking a captivating necklace to enhance your evening attire or a chic bracelet for everyday style, 6th Collective’s jewelry retailers cater to all tastes.

Most retailers have outside brick-and-mortar locations populated throughout the Panhandle so be sure to stop by and check out their main locations this Holiday season.

Avenue Chic

Hollow Dot Designs

– Houseline

Rafter 6 (sterling silver, turquoise jewelry, squash blossoms, belt buckles)

Texas Trio (turquoise jewelry)

The Pear Tree (Maya J Jewelry and Christina Greene)

Anden Wren

Appleseed Boutique

Dotsy’s Boutique

Purpose + Passion Boutique

Runningwater Dry Goods

The Marketplace

Top Notch Outfitters

Trendz Boutique

You can also find these retailers’ original brick-and-mortar locations, their online platforms, and various social media outlets by clicking the links above, or on our Retailers page on our website here. Make sure to give them a follow and a visit, and thank you for shopping small! 


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