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Y’all have heard me talk before about merging my growing Interior Design business with my Brick + Mortar shops. Well, it’s finally happening, and I’m so flippin’ excited about it.

This was always the plan, but on a much smaller scale. Since accepting a lot more projects than I ever have before, the time has come for me to expand and nurture what I’m best at.

The Birth of a Designer’s Dream

Before, when I was on Sixth Street, my office was a block away from my storefront and I felt such a disconnect when I was at one place or the other. I didn’t have a way to both interact with customers and do my design work simultaneously. My husband and I planned the layout of the Collective to be fluid from the very beginning partly for this very reason. We wanted to be able to change retailer layouts and move walls as the business evolved. Now, we’ve built a full in-house design studio within the shop, to provide me with the space and opportunity to interact with my clients and expand our custom offerings for anyone! Partnering with fellow Interior Designers and showrooms is also currently in the works so that we can expand the level of finishes, furniture, and decor available at From 6th Collective as a whole. Stay tuned to find out who those partners might be! (Spoiler alert: you’re gonna love them!) This is such an exciting and forward-thinking concept for Amarillo/Panhandle designers.

Expanding Interior Design Services from Retail to Residence

As a design hub, we’re one of the only places in the Texas Panhandle that offers experienced based shopping through creative shop displays and events. Those creative shop displays are a golden opportunity for me to flex my interior design muscle, but I’m ready to share even more of my passion for interior design with all of you! Bringing out your individual personalities and tastes in your homes or businesses through creative design and artistic expression is a cornerstone of our full-service design studio. Whether modern and clean, rustic and cozy, or traditional and organic (to name a few), the mood of your space can be captured through a strategic focus on textures, patterns, finishes, and decor. I can’t wait to get creative with you!

Learn more about the types of projects our Design Team works on here, ASID and if you’re interested in learning more about our design services for your new build or renovation, head on over to our submissions page for a contact form.


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