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We’re continuing our Local Love series this month with one of our favorite Amarillo native makers. I first met Libby when I was in high school and remember constantly being in love with her effortless, classic style. Talk about someone who has impeccable taste when it comes to shoes. That’s why it came as no surprise when she left the Texas panhandle to attend the Art Institute of Chicago for Fashion Design.

Over the years, her designs have been showcased in some insanely popular magazines, and not until I was actually reading the fine print in an issue of Martha Stewart did I realize that I actually knew the maker of one of the handbags I was so in love with.

I was delighted when Libby eventually returned to Amarillo and opened a studio/showroom here. I’ve accumulated several of her creations over the years and have to admit, they are some of the most functional, beautiful, and durable bags I’ve found to date. Read more about her story, shop her designs, and follow along with the Libby Lane brand here-


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