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Amarillo is home to some incredible artists & craftsman but if you aren’t plugged into the right places you may not know about them. That’s why we’re launching Handmade Here. A series where we go inside their studios and workshops to give you a true sense of the talent that resides right here at home.

We’re kicking off this series with Tim Hagen of Tim Hagen Woodworks. A few of his furniture pieces were available at From 6th Collective when we first opened but more recently we had his holiday ornaments and cutting boards on display. You can shop the later on our website by clicking here.

Tim Hagen Woodworks desk drawer project Amarillo Texas Handmade Here

As a child, Tim was always drawn to order. He liked putting things in their right place and that same trait comes through now that he’s a woodworker. Taking something like a rough log and then cutting, sanding, and assembling it into a functional piece continues to draw Tim to his trade after all these years. Before woodworking became a full time job, he majored in philosophy at Belhaven College. He later applied, twice, to the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking School. He and his wife moved out to California where Tim spent his time completely immersed in the art of woodworking. From sun up to sun down, he was in the shop. When asked if that ever got monotonous, his reply was never. For someone that loves everything about woodworking, from the smell of sawdust to the feel of freshly sanded wood, Tim would have stayed there forever. He describes the dopamine hit he’d get during the learning process of being able to overcome a challenge and the achievement of perfecting a process like creating the ideal dovetail.

Tim Hagen Woodworks building wood wooden desk
Tim Hagen Woodworks wood planer

Lucky for us, after two terms at woodworking school, Tim returned to Amarillo to share his gift. His work, unlike so many artists that reside here, solely serves the people of the Texas Panhandle. While a few of Tim’s works are photographed on his website, most of his masterpieces now reside in private residences. Understanding that heirloom items are often highly personal, spec pieces aren’t available anywhere in town. Custom creations tend to be Tim’s main focus; however, like we stated before, you can shop some of his smaller, everyday items at our shop.

Tim Hagen using saw in wood working shop in amarillo texas
Wood Burl projects in Tim Hagen's wood shop in amarillo texas. Archways table wood craftsman

If you’re in the market for something quality and unique, Tim is always open to having a conversation to see if his services can work for you. No project is too small. While he would love to be building furniture full time, improving peoples lives by assisting in things like cabinet repairs is not off limits. There’s no reason to look outside of Amarillo when searching for quality craftsmanship in custom woodworking, and we hope you’ll reach out to Tim Hagen Woodworks for your next project.

handmade wooden bench saw band saw wood table
  1. judy rogers says:

    Tim’s an amazing artisan.


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