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Confession: I haven’t always loved huge ragers and staying up all night on New Year’s Eve. Board games and boozy cocktails at home with close family and friends sound more and more appealing the older I get. So being forced to stay in this year doesn’t seem too terrible.

But if you’re not like me and do enjoy being out and about this night, we’ve rounded up a few tips to still make this night fun and special. It’s been a tough year for all of us. But that does not mean we can’t keep some festive magic alive, if not physically together, then in spirit! Whether you’re celebrating alone, with your partner, or roommates there are so many ways to make the countdown to 2021 one to remember.

Nothing beats getting to ditch those itchy sequin numbers we all secretly hate wearing for cozy loungewear from Dotsy’s. We can’t forget to mention how uncomfortable those heels can get too, replace those this year with some comfy slippers by Neon Moon.

Now that you’re all cozied up, pass time by playing games. How cool are these playing cards designed by our talented friend at Fresh Press Designs? As if we couldn’t love Beyonce anymore!

A fun game to play with 2-8 players is Spoon. Players have four cards and simultaneously pass a card to the left, trying to get a set of four matching cards, at which point they take a spoon from the center, which is the signal for everyone to grab a spoon – but there is one less spoon available than the number of players!

Like us, we’re sure y’all cannot wait to say good riddance to 2020. What better way to close out this crazy year than with a New Year’s wish.

Make a wish. Light the special paper on a plate. Magically, the paper will rise high to the ceiling or the sky & as it floats back down – catch it! Your wish has been released.

Send your neighbors a simple, yet festive cranberry mimosa. Cheers to you and cheers to your neighbors for powering through this year as best as you could, it’s definitely something to celebrate.

We thank you for welcoming The Collective and hope you’ve enjoyed your experience in-store so far. We’re excited and ready to take on the new year. So many good things are on the way, we can feel it!

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