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Every month we’ll be highlighting one of our retailers here at The Collective. You’ve came out to see & shop their products, but have you been by their other locations to meet them yet? If not, we’re here to share more about the people behind the brands. Let’s kick things off with our favorite artistic husband + wife duo, Kent and Megan Harris.

Before Kent & Megan met, they both aspired to one day own their own studio and gallery. Fast forward a couple of years, the two started bringing that dream to fruition. They opened a small studio in Canyon, Texas after they both pursued degrees in the arts. In the beginning, Kent focused on wholesale pottery while selling pots in the gallery as well. Today however, he has sold his pottery in over 80 galleries all over the country.

Kent makes an effort to use local materials in all of his creations. A variety of clays and wood ashes from the Panhandle area are used in his process. He looks to nature as inspiration and practices mindfulness whenever he creates. His work is a reflection of the uniqueness of the region we live in, and he hopes that these pots continue their life well after they’ve been made. 

For Megan, teaching took center stage and was an outlet for exploration of different mediums that reinforced her love for art. In 2015, the duo decided to focus more on selling pots directly to their own customers through a gallery setting. They also wanted to begin sharing their trade tips with others by teaching classes inside their studio. Thus, Blue Sage Pottery and Art Gallery on Route 66 was founded.

The classes they offer within their studio fill up quickly. Whether you’re a beginner or pottery master, these classes are a great way to hone in on your skills. They offer two types of classes. One where you can learn how to hand-build clay and another where you will learn how to use the potter’s wheel.

Each session is 7 weeks, with one week is off toward the end for the pots to dry before they are glazed. Find out more information about the classes here.

You can browse some of their available creations by visiting their Etsy shop. If you’d like to see them in person, visit their gallery on 6th Street or their space within The Collective. We’re delighted to support our local maker community!


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