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We don’t take that statement lightly around here. The nice thing about working alongside my husband is that he’s always there to tell me when enough is enough. It’s rare that we don’t tow the trailer behind us on family vacations, but don’t think that stops me from hunting for treasures when we travel by plane. I’ve developed some invaluable relationships with a few trusted shipping companies over the years, but sadly, they don’t pick up from the north east. On that recent trek, I snuck a collapsable suitcase inside my carry-on knowing all too well that I’d find a thing or two that just had to come back to the shop.

That’s what this quick trip to our neighbor state, New Mexico, was. I had found a piece on craigslist that I couldn’t resist, so we loaded up the kids, the trailer, and hit the road. I’m so happy we did too! This was one of our most successful buying trips of the year thus far (fingers crossed I get it unloaded and set up before the weekend). And since the picking was so good the first day, I was able to actually kick back and be fully present with the kids in what turned out to be a surprisingly refreshing 2 days away.


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