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You’re at home…right? Are you finding the work from home transition difficult? I’m having an extremely tough time honing my focus. Typically, this is how I feel just after the New Year. When my to do list is front/back, everyone is excited to be back at work, and the kids are excited to still be on break. That combination makes it practically impossible to focus, but I don’t sweat it because I know it will only last a week.

Here we are. Back in that same scenario with no end soon. Keeping my hands busy during the morning hours helps me quite a bit. It helps my brain transition into work mode quicker and easier in the afternoon. Hopefully that will fall during your kiddos nap or outside time (we’re fortunate that ours still nap).

How I’ve been keeping my hands busy when it’s not quite warm enough for gardening, by DIY-ing of course. Would you expect anything else? Haha! If you’re struggling, give these adult craft kits on Etsy a try. They can help calm your mind while keeping your hands busy. What’s better? You’re supporting small businesses from around the world with your purchase. Etsy shops are side hustles for a lot of folks, and could be their only source of income as of late.

Don’t forget to share your creations with us! Happy crafting!

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Blanc Laine

Gems Concrete Gems

Mine & Shine Jewelry Kit


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