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The speed at which my daily reality has drastically shifted makes my head spin. With every new day, I find myself managing procedures not in my wheelhouse. Preparing for a closure at my antique mall, The NAT, while trying to figure out payroll and rent processes for the unforeseeable future. It all started to set in when they cancelled Round Top Antiques Week, summer festivals we had planned, and then when we were told that gatherings of 50+ people should be postponed.

Today is the day that I’m making the decision to move forward with that closure. The anxiety hasn’t been easy to shake off, but subsided when so many of you sent not only encouraging and supportive words, but offered to assist us in ways to pivot our business in this bizarre situation. I’m not sure when we’ll be leasing out at the new Collective either. I had that planned for the entire month of April. To be honest, I’m having a difficult time finding the headspace to even think about that right now.

So, for the time being, I’m going to do what I do best; try to be a beacon of light and inspiration. The posts scheduled here include several weeknight menu’s, empowerment posts, uplifting playlists, and more! Know that behind the scenes though, I’ll be working with our team to figure out ways to continue service to our loyal customers. Stay safe & healthy out there!

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