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I don’t make it back to the metropolis that is Dallas-Fort Worth often, but I most certainly pull the trailer when I do. Throughout college, I’d spend my Saturdays popping into every antique, vintage, thrift store I passed. Over the years I’ve developed some favorites and figured I’d share them with you!

I’ll begin by breaking it down into my three favorite districts- Lakewood/Old Dallas, Riverside Blvd/Design District, & Oakcliff.

Lakewood/Old Dallas

These shops are a bit spaced out, but well worth it when it comes to the treasures you’ll find in each of them. If you’re more of the curated store customer, you have to check out Curiosities. The owners are a talented mother & son duo with a long history as antique dealers. I always find finished pieces for my own home here.

If I’m on the hunt for vintage clothing or that big vibe item, I hit up Dolly Python. This store is packed floor to ceiling with some of the most interesting and hilarious oddities.

Last, how could I have an antique guide and not include Nick Brock Antiques? This quaint shop is located on Henderson and features some of the most incredible collectable items I’ve laid my eyes on. I typically shop for design clients at this location because the quality is impeccable and I trust that they’ve done their homework when it comes to the history of each piece. 

Riverside Blvd/Design District

Riverside, previously known as Industrial Blvd, is why I got into the antique trade myself. I fell in love with White Elephant (now home to Benny Jack) years ago. It was a total escape for me. Within their walls you’ll find items from all over the world, mostly old but some new, that will fill you with wonder. Their vendor displays are unique and the variety of products found throughout cannot be beat.

 Lots of Furniture is another must stop but prepare to dig a bit. I usually find my favorite items at this location in their parking lot yard.

Now, if you’re more of a modernist, you must check out Scout and LulaB’s. Scout is a unique shop because they sell their own creations alongside a wonderful vintage collection. My favorite thing about this company is how they interpret old designs within their new line. Let’s be honest, how often do you find a perfect trio of vintage barstools with pristine upholstery. I’ve also been a long time patron of LulaB’s. Their retro mod inventory is impressive to say the least. One of my favorite purchases is a record console I bought years back that came out of Guy Williams’ home. 


If you can’t make it all the way into the city, Oakcliff is a great place to see a smaller selection of Dolly Python & LulaB’s as they both have second locations here.

However, if you go by one shop while you’re there, make it M Antiques. It’s more of a traditional American antique shop, but don’t let that discourage you from browsing around. I’ve found some of the coolest display items at this location. 

Happy Hunting!


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