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We sent out a request a few months ago asking for your favorite small brands & makers. The responses were overwhelming and it’s taken us a bit longer than anticipated to track them down so we could begin incorporating them within the shop.

When I opened my first store, showcasing items that had a story and a direct impact on the individual creating those items was really important to me. The concept was always “unique, recycled, local”. Sadly, that vision was pushed into the background after I launched The NAT. Little did I know that by moving one block down and taking on vendors, that the clientele would change so drastically. However, as the years roll by I’ve been able to bring a lot of those clients back and appeal to a whole different group of younger individuals that are growing up along side me.

If you haven’t been by lately, you need to take a second to do so. The latest arrivals are some of our favorite products to hit the shelves to date.

By the way, how beautiful are these photos? We recently teamed up with Adair Photography for their new branding concept and we couldn’t be happier! If you’re a local business needing a talented eye behind the lens to capture your brand, look no further!


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