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Who doesn’t love a good wedding? Okay, so maybe a handful of you. I was never into the whole concept, but then I got engaged and became slightly obsessed about throwing the biggest and most exciting party of my life to date.

The mere fact that window displays have always been my favorite part of the whole retail gig should have been a sign that I would feel right at home when putting together my own DIY wedding. Having an antique & gift shop was insanely beneficial also since I had access to bulk decor and as long as I stayed within my store’s aesthetic I could sell the items after the event.

Over the years, I’ve dreamt of throwing another bash on that level but haven’t been able to justify the time & effort. Then a local bride approached me last spring about renting out some of our vintage rugs for her own wedding. She added me to her pinterest board so I could get a better feel of the overall vibe they were going for. While browsing each pin I started noticing that a lot of them featured items similar to those that I was currently selling at The NAT. That’s when I decided that I could rent so much more than just the rugs so that our bride could have the wedding day of her dreams while staying right here in Amarillo.

Although, I’m not about to start an event rental business, it was a lot of fun seeing our products used in a new way. The eclectic variety of items we sell is pretty perfect when it comes to event design. Perhaps after the new store launches and I have a few more hands on deck, I’ll consider that field. Until then, let’s all just stare at these insanely beautiful images of our boho bride’s big day.

Event Planner / Floral : Parie Designs, Venue : Amarillo Botanical Gardens, Photographer : Ritter Collective, Funiture Rentals / Staging : From 6th Collective


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