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We recently sat down with the kind folks at Amarillo Magazine to talk about our favorite pastime, entertaining. Snag a print issue at your local United for 120 pages of fun summer drinks, fashion, & events or keep reading below for more info and images from our feature!

When the weather is right, few things are more enjoyable than a well-appointed patio party. Whether intended for cool evening cocktails or a sunny brunch, you don’t need an enormous garden or backyard to enjoy the fresh air. But when preparing for guests, it does help to keep a few tips in mind to make the most of the space and opportunity. Simplicity is the key to a stress-free party.

“Stay casual. Don’t stress yourself out.” You’ve got enough to worry about when opening up your home for guests, so don’t feel like you have to arrange fancy table settings or an elaborate buffet.

If your gathering includes young children – or if you just want to create diversity in gathering spaces – consider “layered” seating. In addition to a traditional table, Tam arranged beach chairs from her personal collection onto a pretty indoor/outdoor rug. “When you bring in different heights and styles of seating, you can accommodate people of all ages and create different conversation vignettes.”

Don’t spend a fortune on flowers for a quick get together. Go foraging for blooms that are growing in your own alley or garden. These onion – known as walking onion – grow in the Tam family’s garden. They look stylish gathered in a vase!

Stacking dishware- like the plates & bowls pictured above allow guests to serve themselves at their own pace. “A lot of people who attend the party won’t even eat.” Keep the menu simple as well. Fresh oysters and rustic bread allow guests to mingle and snack throughout the gathering.

styling : from 6th collective / homewares & decor : from 6th collective, the nat, kent harris pottery / photos : joanna robertson / floral : cara young / text : jason boyett

  1. susan lemon

    August 1st, 2019 at 2:38 pm

    Kasey pls come make my balcony look as lovely as the patios pictured here.


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