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I’m officially embarking on my mid-thirties and have started to see those years reflected on my skin. I’m not opposed to aging. I’m actually enjoying this time of my life more than any other before. Being the mom to two beautiful babies, the wife to an amazing husband, and a career that still fulfills me on a daily basis has made these past few years some of the best by far. Just because I’m happy with where life has led me doesn’t mean I’m opposed to holding off a wrinkle or two here & there as well as tired looking skin though.

I’ve tried a few different products in recent months, but wasn’t seeing or feeling much of a difference. My body doesn’t process collagen and other various vitamins outside of liquid form very well either. Then I discovered this skincare line, Orlane. They were super helpful when it came to selecting the right products for me, and when the eye cream I needed was out of stock, they sent a gift set that had a sample size of the product free of charge. I’ve been using the line for a little over 2 weeks and can already tell a drastic change in my skin texture and complexion.

If you’re lady is a beauty junkie, you can’t go wrong with any of the Orlane products! She’ll thank you a thousand times over for introducing her to the line instead of gifting her a cheesy teddy bear or a pair of knickers that are more uncomfortable than they are cute. But flowers, you should still definitely get flowers. Haha!


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