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If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably know we’re a diverse bunch of ladies here at From 6th Collective. But one thing we can agree on is how much we love the goods in the shop. So much so, that all of us are toting our favorite items around with us on the daily.

Take a sneak peek into the bags of our Collective Cowgirls. Most items available in the shop!

Kasey – I used to be a carry-all, mom on the go kinda girl but as my kids grow up and my work bag gets heavier, I find myself resorting to a small structured bag with necessities only. I honestly believe that you can find the best of almost everything within our shop, and I’m proud to say that everything in my bag is available at From 6th Collective. For starters, this cream shoulder bag is the perfect size for me and has a chain handle that you can swap a longer leather one (Dotsy’s $53). My no. 1 necessity would be my lip smart treatment because yes, I’m 100% that dehydrated chick and I never leave the house without it. If I’m looking for a little color, I’ll pull out my fav. Minori gloss ($28) or Hello Wink balm ($25) that can be used on cheeks and lips. When carrying a smaller bag, I like to use a simple card wallet (Taxidermy $179) and carry a small, roll on sample of my favorite scent (out of stock ). I’m always pulling my hair back half way through the day so I was so excited when these mini ones arrived last month. The last three things, well let’s just say I have duplicates in my car and my house and always in my bag (Freida Rothman Sunglasses $235 , Tea Drops $1.95 , Mini-Lighter $52 , Simply Mints $4 ).

Faith – I’m a simple gal, y’all. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a brown leather bag. This crossbody from Makie Black ($59) is my go-to and I love adding a little pop of color by tying a bandana on it (Madewell Mercantile, $14). It holds all my essentials like my everyday notebook (Font + Fiddle $14), Air Pods and sunglasses (Free People, $40). West Texas dryness has nothing on my on the go skin lineup either. Cutie Cuticle Oil (Collective House Line, $30), Glossier Generation G ($18), Naked Bee Hand Lotion (Neon Moon, $5) and Fitish Lip Game (Fringe, $13) – this stuff smells like one of those fancy coconut drinks that you get on the beach! To die for. Middle school me would cringe, but these days you can always find a claw clip (The Weekender, $8) in my bag. lol Last, but not least, my beloved ramen ($0.28 baby!!). When you work in Bushland, TX the lunch options are pretty limited and did you hear me say $0.28?

Molly – You could consider me a Collective OG since a few of my favs from the shop are now sold out, but keep an eye out because a lot of retailers restock regularly! First up (and sold out) is this cheeky coin purse that keeps me from fumbling for my change. This West Texas wind has me toting around everything to save my skin and my sinuses – pit stick deodorant (Parliament Haus $12), flonase because flonase, coconut milk hand cream (Neon Moon $9.50), lavender mist (House Line $15) & lavender lip balm (House Line $8). I’m also running all over the place most days so I don’t go anywhere without the welly blister guards (House Line $13) or my BKR water bottle (House Line $44). Last but not least and possibly most important, my sparkly pepper spray (Muse $22).


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