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Wow, Round Top is officially having its moment! We’ve been going for seven years now, but you could still call us newbies considering the show has been going strong for over 40 years. As of late however, folks from all over, especially the west coast, have been making the trek for what I consider, the greatest antiques show in the lower 48! Every trip, as the insta posts start going live, the questions about where we stay, eat, and most importantly, where we shop start rolling in. We’re not here to tell you about how much spf you should wear, what restaurants to pick (there’s only about 4 in town), or where to stay (most spots near by fill up months in advance); we’re here to tell you exactly where to find the best deals and the best product!

First, let’s talk deals in the fields. The fields are where you can find some real gems at insane prices. This is also where bulk items that are ahead of the trend are usually found. Most dealers at other locations pick through the fields days before their shows open, but there’s a reason a lot of lookers don’t spend much time there. Round Top is located in south Texas, so if you aren’t used to the heat combined with humidity, be prepared. The fields also require a good amount of walking since their parking lots are usually situated at the very back. While there are a few booths that really bring it when it comes to repaired furniture and cute displays, mostly expect to find items that need a little elbow grease and a trip to the car wash before taking it home with you.

Next, you’ll want to hit the barns. As of late, there’s a lot of them. Bader Ranch and The Compound have some of the most beautiful European antiques I’ve ever laid eyes on! A real crowd pleaser is Eneby Home, located at The Compound. The prices at the barns reflect their amenities though. You can usually park and walk right into these facilities and most offer pop up cafes and alcohol as well. Excess I is one of my absolute favorite stops on our trip. Their bizarre assortment of large one of a kind items can’t be beat.

Similar to the barns, are the stores. They kind of look like the barns, but they maintain hours outside of Antiques Week. Paul Michaels has a massive inventory of market and other items they create or source themselves, but within their building you can find temporary vendors that range from traveling antique dealers to showrooms based out of Houston and Dallas. Bill Moore’s is another store that we never miss. They supply items from Europe at prices that you don’t typically find anywhere else.

Last but certainly not least, are the shows. Marburger is the most popular and once you go, you’ll see why. If you’re looking for that hard to find special piece for yourself or if you’re just wanting to fuel up on creative ideas, this show is a must! The most important thing here is to make sure you check the dates beforehand. You’d hate to plan on leaving the day the show finally opens.

Let us know if you go next time around. We’d love to meet up and see what you’re finding. Happy Picking!


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