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Inhale, 1-2-3, Exhale. That pretty much sums up how I’ve been coping with all the things that have came my way since closing on the land for the new Collective. Trying to celebrate small victories over here, like not having a total mental breakdown when my timeline gets jumbled. Ha!

But seriously, I’ve been my own design client several times- two stores & two houses to be exact. Those projects have all been within the parameters of a historic property, and due to those restrictions, I’ve used my traditional design scheming method which is to start broad by putting together a mood board that includes anything and everything that inspires me in regards to the project. I actually made one for the Collective (seen below), but quickly realized that until I nailed down roof lines, overall dimensions, what building materials to use, and where the first building would even be located on the property, I couldn’t narrow down my vision in order to communicate a final design to the contractors. On a recent trip to Dallas however, I snagged a few wall covering and upholstery swatches that spoke to me. Playing with those actually enabled me to decide if I wanted a more modern vs. a more traditional roof line. Then in Round Top last fall, I found some doors from a warehouse in Germany that I just couldn’t pass up. Once I decided to keep them, they changed the entire entry design along with some of the more important interior design elements ie. fireplace & cashier layouts.

Fingers crossed I don’t become my own nightmare client as we prepare to break ground! Throwing out an actual date of completion on our recent Hey Amarillo interview will hopefully keep those change orders to a minimum. Luckily my excitement and the positive vibes you’ve all sent my way is vastly outweighing the stress! Let’s Do This!!! 


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