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We know we sound like a broken record, but 2020 kinda sucked. It was difficult and uncertain. It shined light on what does not work in things as macro as our government and as micro as how we shop for groceries.

However, it’s worth noting that 2020 was the shedding of an old way of life, of all the things not working, and the beginning of a new, more intentional way of living. We put in the work to ground ourselves consistently this past year. The trick, the simple act of practicing gratitude. This small acknowledgment of the things we DO have really keeps things in perspective.

In hopes of spreading more good vibes in the new year, we’re adding the practice of smudging into our weekly rituals list. We already do so much to make sure our bodies are as clean inside and out, but we often forget how important the energy that surrounds us is. Rid all that negativity with a deep energetic sweep.

Lucky for us, The Brash House stocks plenty of locally foraged materials within The Collective. The Brash House is a local small business started by two sisters, Allyson and Autumn. They forage and assemble a wide variety of smudges, potpourri- called Brash Trash, and bath salts.

Smudging has gained popularity over the last few years, but it’s been around long before that and is practiced all over the world. Sage is most commonly used for smudging, and when burned, it cleanses physical space, an aura, or an energetic or spiritual field. If you’re anything like us, you’ll try just about anything to find pockets of positivity lately.

Herbs such as lavender, mugwort, calendula, and palo santo are used in addition to sage for these cleansing rituals. The herbs are known to soothe the senses, but the ritual itself is also a cleansing experience.

To use your Brash House smudges, light the end of the smudge and let it start to burn a bit. Blow or wave out the flame so that it begins to smoke. If you’re cleansing a space, open a window, make an intentional path throughout the room, gradually moving toward the window. Send out that negative energy! It’s important that your mind be present while doing this. Try meditating or focus on your breathing during the process.

All items featured by The Brash House can be purchased in-store, online, or over e-mail. Please contact us for pricing and availability. We offer gift wrap, curbside pick up, and free local delivery! (806)349.1111:


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