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It’s officially that time of year where we’re talking about the items we want on our holiday wish lists. We asked our staff to choose items they’d love to get or give as a present this year. Feel free to steal a few of these items for your own wishlist. While you may have millions of choices on Amazon, these wishlist picks help support a small local business.

“It’s no secret that I love to host, and although I’m not doing any of that this year, I still find myself expanding my collection of home decor and serve ware. I’m throwing in a little magic (those awesome fire sticks) for my kiddos, along with some cozy socks & a puzzle to pass the time for myself!”

  1. Amarillo Pillow, From 6th Collective House Line $122
  2. Up to No Good Socks, From 6th Collective House Line $10
  3. Patagonia Black Hole® Duffel, Top Notch Outfitters $139
  4. Encaustic Photograph Wall Hanging, The Roseberry $48
  5. Handmade Clay Vase, From 6th Collective House Line $110
  6. Vintage Ruge Puzzle, From 6th Collective House Line $20
  7. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry, Burrowing Owl Bookstore $19.99
  8. Figured Elm Bowl, Camp David Wood Works $175
  9. Horseshoe Thank You Card, Font + Fiddle $6
  10. Indigo Throw with Pom Poms, From 6th Collective House Line $70
  11. Glass Carafe, Neon Moon $50
  12. Magic Fire Sticks, From 6th Collective House Line $22

“The Holiday Season is my favorite time of year. My birthday falls right before Christmas, so it’s always fun to pick out gifts not only to give to loved ones, but ones that I’d love to receive too! Whether you’re spending time alone jotting down thoughts and sketches in a notebook or clinking champagne glasses, the 2020 Holiday Season is the perfect time to stay in and reflect on the year.”

  1. Decanter with Glass, Ranch Haus $85
  2. Prickly Pear Grow Kit, From 6th Collective House Line $20
  3. Castilla Incense, From 6th Collective House Line $15
  4. Pink Bottle Opener, Font + Fiddle $18
  5. Cowgirl Sunset Journal, Font + Fiddle $10
  6. Aura Earring in Bisque, M Street Studio $52
  7. Slippers, Neon Moon $75
  8. Moon Earrings, Hollow Dot $50
  9. Amarillo Sign, Free Cheese Prints $20
  10. Tea Reading, From 6th Collective House Line $12
  11. Cactus Flute, From 6th Collective House Line $12
  12. Chile Verde Flakes, From 6th Collective House Line $10

“I’m drawn to gifts that offer an experience or have a unique story behind them such as the Zulu vase created by the Zulu tribe in South Africa. The process of creating these vases is a skill the Zulu mothers pass on to their daughters to sell for a living. I love the idea that I am not only purchasing a beautiful gift for a loved one, but I am also helping the actual person who created this piece of art.

The book, sage, and wine also offer experiences of their own. Books are always up for interpretation to each reader based on their unique life experiences. And of course, wine always offers a good time and creates the opportunity to make new memories. The sage is not only beautifully crafted but also offers a cleansing experience–and we all know that’s needed from 2020! And I’m just a sucker for gold, dainty, and unique jewelry. They’re lightweight and I always appreciate the details in Hollow Dot’s pieces. ”

  1. Cosmetic Pouch, Neon Moon $22
  2. Snake Huggies, Hollow Dot $52
  3. Zulu Vase, From 6th Collective House Line $150
  4. Tea Drops, The Roseberry $36
  5. Seeing Eye Necklace, From 6th Collective House Line $24
  6. Large Brown Vase, Blue Sage Pottery $125
  7. Hand-printed Bandanna, From 6th Collective House Line $32
  8. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Burrowing Owl Bookstore $8.95
  9. 2017 Roussane Texas Highplains Wine, The Roseberry $23.99
  10. Selenite Candle Holders, Avant Garden $38/$60
  11. Recycled Coasters, Ranch Haus $20
  12. Large Sage Smudge, Brash House $16.50
  1. susan lemon says:

    enjoyed cking out your list:) can’t wait to shop next time i’m in Amarillo. wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!


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